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MAY 2015

The next meeting of the Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles will be held on Sunday May 10, 2015 in the Community Room at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks. The presentation will be by Dr. Robert Cleve, who is Professor of History at CSUN. He will speak on The Five Good Emperors. He has spoken to us many times before and always has a very interesting presentation, angled toward ancient numismatics.


The last meeting took place at Getty Museum Villa, famed far and wide for its tremendous collections and exhibits. This meeting was particularly interesting as being hosted by one of our experts in silversmithing, Rick White, metal smith, silver restoration specialist, and silver shop owner. The show billed as Artist at Work, was represented by Ancient Luxury and the Roman Silver Treasure from Berthouville, the title of its contents. A whole (2 page) prospectus was handed out, from which it might be profitable to cite some topics, to wit, Forging: which involves heating called annealing, which is done with a hammer while warm; Raising: wherein the sheet of metal is struck with a hammer over air; and Sinking: a variation on raising where the sheet is formed into a bowl shape using this process. I’m not sure if Casting was covered. It involves “lost wax casting”, with which ancient numismatists are familiar. I think Finishing was touched on—and maybe Soldering. A rather replete list of sources was printed in the syllabus by Getty containing references to about six silversmithing experts. And Mr White’s shop address in Glendora is contained therein, as well as his URL. All in all, the event was interesting enough to be well worth the effort Mr. White put into it and the attention paid by our members.

Respectfully submitted
David Stepsay, Secretary


The next meeting will take place Sunday January 11, 2015 in the community room at Sherman Oaks Galleria. This meeting will feature the Installation of Officers and our Annual Pot-Luck Luncheon.


Election of the 2015 Board of Directors and new Officers took place by acclamation. The results are as follows:

ACCLA Board of Directors 2015

President: Ken Friedman
Vice President: Roger Burry
Treasurer: Barry Rightman
Secretary: David Stepsay
Merrill Gibson (Past President)
Randy Butler
Bob Lattanzi
Michael Connor
Paul Ranc
Joe Tooma

Betty Eiseman passed around a sign-up list for the January festivities.

Two new young members signed up with the club - Alvaro and Leonel Ramirez. They are budding coin collectors with an interest in ancient coins. Roy Iwata, a member of the now-defunct Orange County group, attended for the first time. Barry Rightman took deposits of $25 for the group purchase of David Sear's forthcoming new volume in the Roman Coins and Their Values series. Mike Connor, web-master, reported that ACCLA website visitation was about 20% higher than last year. We now have 150 friends on facebook. Merrill Gibson announced that next month we will vote for the recipient of the Annual Barbara Rightman Award.


Randy Butler gave the second installment of his I, Claudius presentation. Using Robert Graves, Tacitus, Suetonius, Josephus, and collection of coins of the period as sources, he reviewed Claudius' family life during the rule of Tiberius.

Respectfully submitted
David Stepsay, Secretary