The Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles (ACCLA) was established in 1966 to advance the knowledge and study of ancient numismatics, ancient coins, and their history.

Portrait denarius of Roman Emperor Caligula
Denarius of Emperor Caligula

ACCLA members include people who are interested in ancient history and numismatics, ancient coin collectors, and some experienced numismatists with an extensive knowledge of the field. ACCLA members have had articles published in journals such as the Celator, and some member's coins have been featured as plate coins in important numismatic publications including David Sear's recent editions of Roman Coins and Their Values.

ACTA ACCLA is ACCLA's online archive of educational articles and information covering ancient coins, numismatics, and history. Recent additions to ACTA ACCLA include Lucius Appuleius Saturninus by Kenneth Friedman and Gods, Goddesses, and Mythological Creatures on Greek Coins by Robert Lattanzi.

ACTA ACCLA also includes thematic series such as Coins of the Five Good Emperors, the Twelve Caesars, and the Women of the Severan Dynasty. The archive includes a video seminar on Ancient Coin Collecting for US and World Collectors.

ACCLA cordially invites all interested in ancient numismatics to attend our monthly meetings where you can meet others who share this interest.

Drachm of Pacoros II, King of Parthia
Drachm of Pacoros II, King of Parthia

ACCLA monthly meetings include a show and tell period, announcements of auctions, shows and events of interest, a drawing for door prizes, and an educational program presented by a member or guest speaker. Sometimes, coin dealers bring items for view and for sale. The educational programs usually reflect aspects of ancient coinage, but lectures on archeology, ancient history, art, temples, and ancient culture are often featured. We also host a monthly Ancient Coin Lounge, an informal meeting held via Zoom. While you don't have to be a member to attend a meeting, membership is low cost. ACCLA members receive the monthly meetings notice by e-mail.

The ACCLA website features ACTA ACCLA - with articles on ancient coins, art, history and numismatics written by our members, and videos of presentations by ACCLA members, links to other resources and information on Club membership, activities and meetings. For regular updates, join us on facebook.

If you would like to know more about how ACCLA functions, the ACCLA Bylaws are available online.

Download the membership brochure for more information about joining ACCLA.

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